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Your Business needs

We can help you in your particular situation.  Depending on the challenges you face we will propose a tailored solution in line with your needs.  Let's see some typical examples:

Cyber Security for SME
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You are questioning your level of cyber safety


According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the estimated annual loss to cybercrime for Australian SME in 2019 was $300 million.

Do you know if your business is protected well enough against mounting Cyber Security threats? 

Our recommendation:

Cyber Security for SME
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Your business greatly depends on uninterrupted production and logistics


In 2020 along several major ANZ producers like Lion, Fisher & Paykel, BlueScope had their manufacturing interrupted by ransomware attacks.

How to ensure your production and logistics operations are not disrupted by malicious software?

Our solution:

Supplier to APRA regulated

You need to unlock clients from Australian financial sector and enterprises


Kaspersky's IT Security Economics report revealed that 79% of enterprises have special policies in place explaining to partners and suppliers how to work with shared resources and data, as well as any penalties they may incur.

How to enable your business development by proactively meeting cybersecurity requirements of demanding financial and enterprise clients

Our solution:

Home-office 300.jpg

You often work from home and access company's system remotely


How to ensure your home network is not the weak link in your company cybersecurity protection?

Our solution:

Cyber Security Education

You are a school or university


how to ensure your reputation is protected and sensitive data are safe despite the big number of unstructured and undisciplined users?

Our solution:

Production is not disrupted
Home office security
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