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Dark Web screening and monitoring

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Dark Web is commonly defined as a part of the Internet that can be accessed only with specific software such as Tor browser. Its users enjoy a high level of anonymity as devices are untraceable by the design of the underlying network protocol. For obvious reasons, Dark Web and its marketplaces attract cybercriminals from all over the world. They are buying and selling a wide spectrum of stolen data.
There are a few relatively inexpensive or even free services that check if your emails are in well-known, large scale breaches. Unlike them, we cover exclusive-access, deep, dark and surface web sources as well as several instant messaging apps.

Scope of the Dark Web screening

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Corporate emails leaked in large scale breaches

You may be surprised how often your employees use the corporate email address to register private accounts at online shops, games and even dating sites. Thus, if information from these sites leaks to the Dark Web, the accounts and passwords become exposed. And you may be surprised again to discover how often people use the same password for several accounts including their corporate email.

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Leaked corporate credentials

These compromises are critical, and you should immediately force a password change for the users in this list. Corporate accounts available in the Dark Web are clear threats to the business and must be promptly addressed.       To get this information, we use professional tools that scan forums, chats, boards and other deep corners of the Dark Web.

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Compromised corporate resources

Your corporate resources like portals, SQL servers, ftp servers can also be of interest to cybercriminals.  We will trace credentials to your corporate resources available online and even discussions in the Dark Web that mention them.

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Stolen corporate cards details

Hundreds of thousands of credit card details including card numbers, cardholder names, CVV, expiry dates, and in some cases PIN numbers are leaked online every year.  They are being sold on various Dark Web forums. We will check if your corporate cards are available for criminals, so you may react and avoid losses.

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Compromised accounts of the key suppliers

You cannot fix security issues of your suppliers, but you can be aware of them. A high-level overview of the Dark Web footprint of your key suppliers can alert you and help you and your partners to stay cybersafe.

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Key business personas

Key personas of your business form part of the business itself and even top officials use personal email for business-related communications. So, leaks of personal accounts and personal data can also threaten the company. We can carefully check if the key people of your organisation are exposed in the Dark Web.


Recommended steps

Knowledge without action is of no use. Hence based on the outcomes of the screening, we provide a recommendation on next practical steps.

Ready to take the first step?

Cybersecurity is about what you can do, not what you can’t. Get in touch to take the first step in protecting your business with a CyberSafe Center audit. 

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