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Cyber Security Audit

Comprehensive Cyber Security Audit

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To address the concerns of small and medium enterprises, we propose a comprehensive cyber security audit.  It is designed as a set of assessments that cover different types of security threats.   The services are pre-configured for a typical business with up to 100 computers and can be further tailored to your business needs.

Compromise Assessment

Compromise assessment

We will inspect the current condition of your network and identify malware components and agents that are already in it.  As most hacking attacks take several months from the initial compromise, early discovery of threats gives a strong chance to address them with a lower cost.

Additionally, this assessment will highlight flaws in IT and cyber security practices that can lead to cyber security breach and compliance deviations.

vulnerabilities assessment

Network vulnerabilities assessment

We will scan your network internally and externally to detect weaknesses in the protection.  It is exactly the way malicious software acts when trying to find a way into the target infrastructure.  We will produce a detailed report on findings including manual analysis of critical vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Controls

Critical security controls assessment

We will perform an assessment of IT and Cyber Security controls and measure their maturity.  This effort will address the most critical IT processes that are not covered by the technical assessments above.  The scope of the assessment will be limited to the areas relevant for medium-size businesses.


Based on the outcomes of the assessments, we will prepare the Cyber Risks Matrix for your business.  This document will compile the picture of cyber security posture and can be used as an input to the corporate risk management process. 

We will also develop the recommended Action Plan that will outline the roadmap of cyber security improvements according to your business priorities.


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  1. Executive summary with the high-level business description of cyber security posture.

  2. Cyber Risk Matrix with the key risks to the business.

  3. Cybersecurity improvement roadmap.

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  1. Compromise Assessment report to see existing security breaches and malicious activities and prevent the major cyber attack.

  2. Dark Web footprint report to see leaked credentials and other early signs of cyber attacks to your network or reputation.

  3. Vulnerabilities assessment report to see the gaps in network protection.

  4. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) vulnerabilities assessment to see if your manufacturing systems like PLCs and SCADA are well protected.

  5. Cybersecurity controls assessment report to see the level of security controls at the critical IT processes.


We will be happy to run the Comprehensive Cybersecurity audit for your small / medium enterprise* for a fixed price of AU$39,500.  Please let us know if your requirements are significantly different to tailor the scope and the price accordingly.

* up to 80 users

   up to 2 physical locations

   up to 1 cloud instance (MS Azure, AWS)

   up to 3 PLC/SCADA segments

   MS Windows - based infrastructure

Ready to take the first step?

Cybersecurity is about what you can do, not what you can’t. Get in touch to take the first step in protecting your business with a CyberSafe Center audit. 

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