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Open the Door to Financial Sector Clients

CPG234, CPG235

​No organisation is immune to cyber security threats, and the data risk to financial institutions is maturing. As of July 1, 2020, if you have clients, and prospects, within the Australian financial sector then it is critical your processes align with the Prudential Practice Guide CPG 235. 

Extremely valuable data, from Personally Identifiable Information (Pii) to investment algorithms resides in financial services companies. Loss of this type of data not only creates a negative impact on the organisation’s reputation and customer base, but it can also garner enhanced scrutiny and fines from regulatory bodies. 

Don't be left out of the loop when your competitors are already compliant. The time to prepare is now. Our Cybersafe toolkit CPS234 assessment follows the Prudential Practice Guide CPG 235 to ensure you have an effective roadmap towards compliance and guides your company to meet every relevant requirement. 

At the CyberSafe Center, we understand what it takes to remain compliant and improve your business reputation.

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