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Check if you are being hacked

Ransomware attack

You might have heard on cyber penetration test and vulnerability assessment as the key tools to ensure appropriate cyber security level. While those 2 approaches are important tools for evaluating cybersecurity and overall IT risk, they only answer half of the security dilemma, “Can I be hacked?” They do not answer the more vital question, “Am I already hacked?

In essence vulnerability assessments and penetration tests look for security gaps and vulnerabilities, they do not detect existing compromises and the underlying attacker activity.

Compromise Assessment

With growing regulations around data protection, business owners and IT managers need the ability to quickly discover and address security breaches, malicious activity, and indicators of compromise already present in their IT environments. As some attacks may take months or even years before coming out as a ransom request, etc.

As evidenced by the growing number of data breaches, existing technologies are no longer enough to stop threats (and threat actors) from penetrating your IT perimeter.

This is precisely why making a regular Compromise assessment is becoming vital for businesses nowadays - it helps to detect the existing security breaches and malicious activities and prevent the major cyber attack.

CyberSafe Center uses an innovative non-invasive (no agents to be installed) solution that is designed for small and medium-size businesses and doesn't require special skills and significant organisational efforts from your side.  

Give us a call if you would like to find out more and discuss your particular situation with us.

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