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Sydney Australia

CyberSafe Center

Welcome to CyberSafe Center - the house of cyber security expertise developed in Europe and proved in Australia. 

We can help you to take your security risks under control and let you focus on your business.


Our mission

To empower enterprises of all sizes to grow their business without fear of cyber disruptions


Our services

We carefully designed the portfolio of services. To make it simpler for you, we pre-packed some of them into fix-price bundles. 

Often, it makes sense to start from express assessments:

Express Compromise Assessment

Cyber attacks involve stages and can take from two to six months to execute, so the sooner you detect an issue, the quicker you can safeguard your system.

Regular and timely compromise assessments will identify if you are currently under attack and save your business from significant losses. 

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Compromise Assessment

Express Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security assessment 

Industrial control system (ICS) networks allow no room for technical error. But typical security solutions, such as antivirus products, often prove irrelevant for industrial equipment. Our Express ICS security assessment is a way to test the waters and gradually follow through on a protection strategy. 

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Dark Web screening

Dark Web is commonly defined as a part of the Internet that can be accessed only with specific software such as Tor browser. Its users enjoy a high level of anonymity as devices are untraceable by the design of the underlying network protocol. For obvious reasons, Dark Web and its marketplaces magnetically attract cybercriminals from all over the world. They are buying and selling a wide spectrum of stolen data, enjoying namelessness and impunity.

Using a suite of proven services and techniques will scan the dark web and identify the early signs of cyber attacks to your network or reputation.

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You can see the full list of services at the page Our services 


“Thanks for your professionalism and your focus on getting the work done well, and in a timely fashion. It is exactly what we needed and we appreciate your efforts.  I would be very glad to recommend you to anyone requiring services in this area.”

David Walter

COO of Search365


Our partners

We work with carefully selected companies from Israel, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine and USA that developed solutions suitable for small and medium-size enterprises.

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Member of Joint Cyber Security Centre

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Friend of AustCyber

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